Superior ROW offers Hydroseeding, discing, plowing, mulching, and fertilization to immediately return the beauty to scarred landscape after access roads, pipelines, infrastructure builds, and natural disasters.  Site and safety consulting as well as ROW restoration planning to fit any punch list need in the world.

Power Line Work

Superior ROW Services helps its clients in the electrical utility industry ensure reliable service to their customers, control service costs, and protect people and property through land clearing and our proprietary system of Superior vegetation management.  Superior ROW supports every aspect of the utility industry’s right of way (ROW) from initial planning of new distribution, transmission lines, firebreaks, to the removal of reoccurring or natural disaster vegetation. Our tried and true land clearing, grading, advanced hydroseeding equipment has been modified specifically for power line ROW work.  Our cutting edge techniques, specialized equipment, and vast horticultural knowledge have established our company as the superior provider of ROW services to the utility industry.  

Superior ROW’s care extends beyond the utility service and its customers to the environment and wildlife local to the region.  Superior ROW services standard is to improve system reliability by minimizing risks of vegetation-caused power outages. Superior ROW uses the newest most advanced equipment and methods when clearing land for utility right-of-way construction and access.  Our evolving innovation of the most advanced cover to cover Hydroseeding methodology combines with our understanding of the risk involved in working around gas and power lines to form your best partner on the utility right of way.  

Superior ROW uses the best available scientific information to guide vegetation management decisions.  Our methods are used to promote sustainable plant communities that are compatible with the intended use of the site, and to control, discourage or prevent establishment of incompatible plants that may pose concerns, including safety, security, access, fire hazard, utility service reliability, emergency restoration, visibility, line-of-sight requirements, regulatory compliance, or environmental.  The end result is a symbiotic environment of lush, stable shrubs and grasses that don’t interfere with overhead power lines, pose a fire hazard, or hamper access, and create a dense layer of low-growing cover that will resist the invasion of tall-growing trees. Superior Vegetation Management Systems are also designed as much as possible to reduce erosion, enhance plant diversity, establish a sustainable cover and forage for wildlife, establish corridors for wildlife movement and viewing, and avoid impacts to and enhance environmental factors. 

Our long-view approach sets Superior ROW apart from all other contractors to the utility industry because we view sustainability as a business practice, not an initiative or “green” program.  We take a long-term strategic approach to our decisions and their economic, environmental and social implications. Sustainability is our business model and is ingrained in our corporate strategic framework.

Land Clearing Services

Superior ROW Services provides landowners and commercial projects with all necessary specialized land clearing services. Our comprehensive techniques incorporate the industry’s most specialized equipment, minimal soil disturbances, extensive grading options, industrial matting, and state-of-the-art Hydroseeding services.

For Land Developers we provide clearing operations:

  • Removal of Invasive Plant Species
  • Maintenance Clearing
  • Harvest Preparation
  • Hiking/Riding Trails
  • Mulching of Brush Piles
  • Pasture Reclamation
  • Site Clean Up
  • Trails & road clearing
  • Underbrush removal
  • Vegetation management
  • Wildlife Habitat Restoration
  • Woodlot beautification

For Commercial Land Clearing Operations:

  • Clearing for Retail and Subdivisions
  • Storm Water Pipeline Installation
  • Fence & Survey Line Clearing
  • Fire Break Construction
  • Subdivision Clearing
  • Natural Disaster clean up
  • Pipeline Right of Way Maintenance 
  • ROW Construction Clearing
  • Utility Easements
  • Utility Right-Of-Ways and Tower Site Clearing

Worksite Access & Industrial Matting

Superior ROW Services provides industrial land matting for site access and temporary surfaces to Oil and Gas, Pipeline, Power line Utilities, Construction, Events, Military, and Heavy Hauling operations.  Superior ROW provides custom timber matting and DURA-BASE® advanced-composite mat systems as a means to create environmentally friendly access to any site over the most sensitive terrain eliminating weather and other major challenges to heavy equipment transport and staging areas.  

For our electrical utility clients, Superior ROW provides the very best options of composite mats that include grounding systems for equipotential zones to meet ASTM standards, and even zone rails to help maintain the safety of workers and equipment inside the designated work area.  

Benefits of Industrial Matting:

  • Protect site from spills
  • Provide a safe work platform for personnel
  • Reduce liner cost
  • Reduce liner disposal cost
  • Reduce site construction cost
  • Reduce site reclamation cost
  • Reduce transportation cost
  • Solid ground support in all soils

Erosion Control

Erosion control is paramount to the success of all land development projects.  Superior ROW’s expertise, technology, and resources ensure the longest lasting design-build engineered solution for your development.  Every erosion control project is different, so we begin with a comprehensive on-site evaluation of your goals, the problem, its type, and the severity.  SRS then proposes the most suitable solution to meet all EPA, SAPP, QSP, and SCAQMD requirements and policies. Typically, a selection of several of our established methods are employed to provide each project with the longevity you would expect from Superior ROW Services.  Our Superior Erosion Control Systems are used in natural areas, agricultural settings or urban environments around the United States. As pioneers of the most advanced hydroseeding technology and methodology, we can grow grass anywhere!  We also offer you a side by side comparison of the cost savings versus traditional methods.  We strive for excellence wherever we go, and form long-term relationships with salt of the earth clients who trust that we can always be counted on to do the best work.  

Superior’s paperwork is as good as our dirt work.  As one of the nation’s top erosion control contractors, SRS provides comprehensive job site services, not limited to installation and maintenance of erosion and sediment controls.  Our staff can also manage your NPDES inspection schedules and site reporting to help you maintain compliance with local, state, and federal regulations. The absence of or poorly installed erosion control can result in heavy fines from government agencies that could slow or halt your schedule.

We take a proactive approach to service which enables you to keep a rigorous construction schedule without distractions such as stop work orders or fines. Superior ROW Services is available to serve you seven days a week and will respond to most requests within 24 hours. SRS can handle your toughest erosion emergencies promptly.

Our office staff can execute certified payrolls for government projects and can assist with any other compliance paperwork required such as lien waivers, joint check agreements, notices to the owner, e-verify, and can provide proof of random drug testing.  You will find that using a reputable erosion control company that uses quality products and installs per plan specifications will save your company a significant amount of money. 

Varieties of Erosions Control offered by Superior ROW Services:

  • Articulated concrete blocks
  • Buffer strip
  • Cellular confinement systems
  • Cover crops
  • Erosion Control Devices (ECD)
  • Fiber rolls
  • Gabions
  • Geotextiles
  • Geo Web
  • Hydroseeding
  • Level spreaders
  • Mechanically stabilized earth(MSE) walls
  • Mulching
  • Riprap
  • Turbidity Barriers

Storm Response Service

When the power is out, lives are on hold. After a storm, Superior Right of Way’s (ROW) highly trained crews must physically clear miles of power line right of way to ensure that everyone’s power gets promptly restored. Often access to the Right of Way itself is hindered by debris and flood waters. Superior ROW has the correct equipment, talent, and experience to solve all access issues to the ROW. Often the fastest means of response and inspection are from the seat of a helicopter, so we are closely bonded to our sister company Superior Helicopter Services for an immediate emergency response to major storm assessment, repairs, and reconstruction.

Since we never know where a catastrophe will occur or when Superior ROW is poised to respond to all emergency needs 24/7.  With Crews on standby and assets located throughout the U.S., Superior ROW Services and Superior Helicopter Services are able to mobilize our fleet of equipment and support vehicles rapidly across a wide geography. 

Our skilled Right of Way crews have established a highly documented history of providing our clients with safe, high-quality performance, even under the most adverse weather conditions experienced during storm response.  We are most interested in sharing our history of success with you. Please contact us to discuss our practices throughout Florida, the East Coast, and the Midwest.